100 Tips, Tools, And Techniques For The Ceramic Studio

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Ceramic artists are some of the most inventive people around, and 100 Tips, Tools, & Techniques is a testament to their ingenuity. Compiled from the Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated archives, this book features some of the best tips and tools developed by fellow ceramic artists.

You’ll discover how to easily reclaim clay, build custom ceramics tools, glaze using unconventional techniques, and much more! Each tip is jam-packed with helpful information from professionals and hobbyists that have been working with clay for many years. With these 100 tips and tricks, you’ll improve your efficiency AND proficiency in the studio.

100 Tips, Tools, & Techniques is divided into five sections: Studio Setup, Gadgets & Gizmos, Making, Surfaces, and Upkeep & Business, which address all facets of your studio needs.