Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority during this challenging time.  To reduce the transmission of COVID-19 on Highwater Clays' premises, we have taken the following actions:


1.  What we have been doing for employees


   ➤    Made hand-sanitizers and hand-wipes accessible in work areas.

   ➤    Posted signs for instructions on proper hand-washing and other health and safety practices to reduce transmission of coronaviruses.

   ➤    Distributed personal protective gear to employees, such as masks and gloves.

   ➤    Required employees to wear masks where not possible to maintain 6-feet distances on our premises.

   ➤    Installed workplace partitions where employees need to work in close proximity with each other and/or customers.

   ➤    Regularly administered temperature checks for employees.

   ➤    Enhanced cleaning of high-contact surfaces, including door handles and staircase handrails.

   ➤    Given up to two weeks of paid time off in addition to other paid time-off options.


2.  What we have been doing for customers


   ➤    Enhanced cleaning of our premises and made curbside pickups available at our physical locations.

   ➤    Made it easier for customers to choose curbside pickups for their online orders. The “Local Pickup” option has always been a main feature of our new website since it went live in February of 2020, but our web-host (Shopify) has made it an integral part of the check-out process.

   ➤    Provided contact-free pickups and freight shipments. Customers can place orders online or over the phone, and our employees help them pay over the phone securely using a new point-of-sale system.  Pickups are virtually contact-free because our employees help customers load their purchases while they wait in their vehicles.

   ➤    When allowed to open our physical locations for in-store shopping, we have posted signs at our front door requiring customers to wear masks and follow other health and safety measures.

   ➤    Placed hand-sanitizers for customers on the checkout counter.

   ➤    Installed large, easy-to-read signs above the aisles in our store to improve foot-traffic flow and help customers maintain safe distances from each other.  We have also placed tapes on the floor 6-feet apart to help them maintain good social distancing while waiting in line.

   ➤    Installed a large, clear partition at the checkout counter to protect both customers and store clerks during face-to-face transactions.

   ➤    Made over a dozen COVID-19-related updates on our website and social media platform.  In these updates, we keep our customers stay connected and up-to-date on changes in our services that are impacted by federal, state, and county ordinances.