12'' Hydra-Lite Bat

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Potters love these Hydra-Lite Bats!  They're made with the same material as the "original" Hydra Bat, yet they are thinner and lighter for better storage and shipping.

Other Features:

  • Absorb water from the base of the finished piece, eliminating the typical dry top/wet bottom that occurs with other non-permeable bats (i.e. formica and plastic).
  • Because of the absorption, the pieces are set up nicely for trimming shortly after flipping.
  • No flex or distortion while being handled.
  • Drilled 10" on center to fit most bat pin systems.

Dimensions:     Round  12" diameter x 1/2" thick

The "original" 3/4"-thick Hydra Bats also available (HB-12, HB-14, HB-18, HB-22).