Black Underglaze Pen

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Apply underglaze like a pen!

This is Spectrum's Black underglaze in a pen, a very soft-sided bottle with an easy-to-clean tip. Use the pen to either draw directly onto greenware or bisque, or onto the base glaze. 

The underglaze can be fired from Cone 06/04 to Cone 9/10.

  • The sample shown is at Cone 5, but the underglze can be fired from low-temperatures (Cone 06/04) to high-temperatures (Cone 9/10).
  • Some color variations will occur at higher temperature, and different clear coats and thicknesses can affect the hue of each underglaze.

The 500 Series underglazes are all lead-free, dinnerware safe, and A/P non-toxic when covered with a clear glaze.

Price is per 2-ounce pen.

The underglaze is also available in a 4-oz. bottle (See GL-515).