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Opulence Glazes are Cone 6 dry glazes that are compatible with each other for blending or mixing combinations. They are colorful, glossy, and are not prone to flow or move. Opulence Glazes are thicker than most glazes and are therefore more forgiving before fired. They can be rubbed, sanded and scraped without adverse effects. Use the four base glazes to develop you own colors by adding any stain.

All Opulence Glazes are microwave and dishwater safe, lead-free and AP NON-TOXIC in liquid form.  In powder form they must be handled with care by people who can read and understand mixing directions.

Opulence Glazes should be mixed one part by weight of glaze with not more than one part by weight of water.  Example: add one 1 pound of glaze to 1 pound (or approx. 1 pint) of water.  Sieve with a 60 mesh screen.  In liquid form, Opulence Glazes may be dipped, brushed or sprayed without the addition of deflocculants or binders.

**The sample tiles show the glazes used on light and dark clays, in that order.**

Please note that the color samples shown may vary from actual colors. Every effort was made to make them as accurate as possible.  However, due to many factors including individual monitor settings, these examples should only be used as a reference point.

Dry.  Available in 5 and 25 lb. bags.  Price listed is per 5-lb. bag.

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