Ceramics and Print

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By Paul Scott

Printing has become a common part of the ceramic artist's practice.  From low-tech monoprints to digital laser decals, it is now possible to employ a range of techniques to print on clay and vitreous surfaces.  With the ongoing advancement of new technologies and studio-based transfer processes, artists continue to push the boundaries of the medium.  Ceramics and Print presents the latest developments in this increasingly popular synthesis of media.

Author Paul Scott was one of the first contemporary artists to experiment with print and clay.  In this comprehensive update of his groundbreaking book, he explains the historical context for contemporary printed ceramics.  Next, he outlines the principles of core techniques and their application in the studio.  He also explores photographic processes as well as the new opportunities in technology, including 3D printing.

Illustrated with works of printed ceramics by leading artists, Ceramics and Print is a must-read guide for artists and makers interested in this developing field.

Third Edition; Paperback.