Christmas Red Superwriter

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The Superwriter is great for writing and decorating pieces.  Similar to majolica glazes.


  • Before using the pen on your ceramic piece, first shake the pen vigorously and then test the flow by squeezing some of the color out on a piece of paper.  This should remove any air bubbles and establish a consistent flow. 
  • If the color has become too thick to flow properly, unscrew the black plastic cap and drop 2 or 3 droplets of water into the bottle.  Then replace the cap and shake vigorously and test again. 
  • When writing, hold the pen tip in contact with the piece.  It makes it easier to control the writing than holding the tip above the piece and dropping the color onto the surface. 
  • Do not hold the pen directly vertical while writing because this leaves no gap for the liquid to flow out of.  Hold the pen at an angle to the surface so that there is an opening for the color to flow through. 
  • Because the color is thicker than ink, you must write more slowly than with a pen to allow time for the liquid to flow through the tip. 
  • You can create a large variety of line thicknesses by varying finger pressure and writing speed.  The harder you press and the slower you write the thicker your lines will be.