Cone 5-6 Glazes

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Edited by Bill Jones

The first printing of Cone 5–6 Glazes: Materials & Recipes sold out quickly, but we're happy to announce that it is back in print in a beautiful new format.  This best seller brings together some of the top glaze experts in ceramics to provide you with all the information you need to create successful glazes for your pots.  You know that spending hours constructing a piece doesn't make it great—the glaze has to work as well.  With Cone 5–6 Glazes, you'll find almost 200 recipes and great insights as to how different raw materials work to provide the results you want (and maybe some you didn't expect!).

You'll find information on glaze materials such as frits, feldspars, oxides and stains, as well as testing protocols and tips on glaze application.  Drawing on the expertise of so many artists covering so many aspects of cone 5–6 glazes will provide you with a wealth of information unmatched with any other source.

Second Edition.  Paperback.