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10 Sheets per pack.

Firing text, graphic images or photographs onto your fired art work opens up exciting new avenues for your creativity.

All you need is Fired-On Images MS (Multi-Surface) Transfer Paper, ANY Canon or HP (Black and White-Only) Laser Printer, Copier or Fax machine and access to a kiln. As long as it is a Canon or HP Laser machine with no capability of printing in color, it WILL work.

Home hobbyists, contemporary studios, schools, ceramic, porcelain and glass artists can easily safely and affordably produce amazing custom projects; great for gifts, fundraisers or direct sale.

Fired-On Images are food safe, oven and dishwasher proof. Porcelain and stoneware projects are even microwavable. All images fire to a beautiful sepia brown and can be "colorized" with a variety of easy techniques.

Just imagine firing Grandma's photo with her handwritten recipe card onto a beautiful platter. There won't be a dry eye in the house when you place this heirloom treasure on the family table.

Works on:

  • Hand Glazed Ceramic, Porcelain or Stoneware Bisque
  • Factory Glazed Porcelain , Stoneware or Commercial Tile
  • Fusible Glass

Glaze Firing Temp

Type of Glaze

Transfer Firing Temps

Cone 06 Opaque Glazes: Laguna Creatable Colors, Mayco's Foundations, Stroke & Coat & Series 2000, Spectrum 701 White, Gare Matte Glazes, Transparent Glazes: *Spectrum 700

 Cone 08-06

Cone 06

All brands/types except for most *Clear Transparents

 Cone 011-09
Cone 06 Most Clear/ Transparent Glaze except for *Spectrum 700 Clear which works at higher transfer firing temps  Cone 015-012
Cone 5,6 All Glazes including Clear and Transparent  Cone 06-04
Cone 10

All Glazes

 Cone 04-1