Electric Studio: Making and Firing

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Edited by Bill Jones

Over the past sixty years, the electric kiln has become the most popular method for firing ceramics.  Readily available and easy-to-use, electric kilns make it possible for clay lovers and professionals at every skill level to enjoy consistent results with little effort.

In Electric Studio: Making & Firing, you'll discover how to select the kiln that's right for you, understand how to maximize its potential, learn how to maintain it and make simple repairs, and explore various firing techniques to achieve spectacular results once reserved only for large fuel-burning kilns.

In addition, this Ceramic Arts Handbook provides you with information on clay and glaze materials developed for electric firing, as well as glazing and firing techniques that are sure to expand your creativity.

With advances in controllers, efficiency, materials and safety, an electric kiln is the most popular choice for anyone working with clay.  As you explore the many practical tips and techniques in this handbook, you will come to better understand how your kiln can be an important integral part of your creative process.