Jars, Vases, Boxes, and Baskets

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Edited by Sherman Hall

Part of the Ceramic Arts Select Series, which focuses on a group of related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are exploring, innovating, and celebrating those forms—this book showcases lidded pots used for storing and serving food, displaying flowers or fruit, and keeping clutter artfully contained.

In this book, you’ll find nineteen step-by-step projects that demonstrate the wide range of possibilities open to artists interested in exploring these forms using both handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques.  You’ll learn how to dart and divide thrown forms to make vases, baskets, and jars alike.  Plus, artists share invaluable tips like making both round and non-round canisters and boxes with lids that fit perfectly.  Between the tips and inspiration, this book will help you increase your productivity and creativity in the studio.