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By Rosette Gault

Paper clay, a plastic modeling mix of clay, paper pulp, and water, is an extraordinarily versatile material.  It is easy to use, extremely strong in an unfired state, and easily repairable at nearly every stage in the forming process.  The final glazed and fired result can be indistinguishable from conventional clay, except that paper clay products are much lighter in weight.  This last feature is particularly useful for wall installations and delicate sculptural forms.  A relatively recent development, paper clay has been a mixed blessing for sculptors.  While it is extremely malleable, its short drying time can lead to cracking and fragility.

In this revised and expanded edition of Paper Clay, Rosette Gault clearly explains how to make, use, and fire paper clay successfully.  She also brings the reader up to date on new developments in the field, including methods for the ecologically sound use of paper clay.  This handbook incorporates several helpful charts and illustrations, featuring firing schedules and proportion guidelines, as well as cross sections and templates for common forms.

Using the work of an international group of artists, Gault illustrates the flexibility of this exciting medium in a clear and accessible style.  The text is replete with photographs and figures to demonstrate the techniques and their innumerable artistic applications.

Second Edition.  Paperback.