Pitchers, Teapots, Cups, and Mugs

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Edited by Sherman Hall

Pouring and drinking vessels are some of the most commonly used items in any home.  As such, they need to function well, be ready to work overtime, and be engaging objects to interact with.  These parameters provide a creative challenge for the potter.  This book is part of the Ceramic Arts Select Series, which focuses on groups of related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are exploring, innovating, and celebrating those forms.

This book features 18 detailed, step-by-step projects that explore various approaches to making these pots using both wheel-throwing and handbuilding techniques.  From the handmade thermos and mug set inspired by a cold commute to various approaches to making pouring and drinking vessels of all kinds, you'll find opportunities to learn new techniques and apply your own experiences to developing a personal aesthetic.  It's time well spent on forms that are the foundation of many potters' stock and trade.