Soda, Clay and Fire

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By Gail Nichols

Soda glazing is a relatively new development in ceramic history, with exciting scope for research and experimentation.  It's a more popular ceramic practice, particularly in the U.S., where it's widely taught in college ceramics departments and workshops, and has attracted a high number of professional practitioners.  Soda glaze surfaces typically include a thin sprayed-on sheen or light flash, some supplementary fluxing of an applied glaze, and attempts to imitate the orange peel texture of salt glaze.  Few people have explored the potential for serious engagement of soda vapor with clay bodies, the dynamics of atmosphere during firing and cooling, and the unique aesthetic potential of soda in its own right.  In this book, Gail Nichols meets the demand for more advanced technical knowledge of materials and processes and more innovative approaches to soda glazing.