The Potter's Studio Handbook

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Full title:  The Potter's Studio Handbook:  A Start-to-Finish Guide to Hand-Built & Wheel-Thrown Ceramics
By Kristin Muller

Pottery making and wheel throwing is a timeless craft, perfect for beginner crafters and artisans who don't mind getting their hands dirty.  Even if you haven't touched clay since your childhood art class, let The Potter's Studio Handbook guide you through the process of designing and equipping your own ceramic studio, teaching you techniques that will have you generating clay projects in no time.  Once the techniques are mastered, this guide will remain an invaluable resource to all clay artists, one that will stay in the studio for years to come.

A veteran instructor teaches hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques using full-color photographs, and diagrams with a reassuring voice.  Each step is illustrated for creating beautiful, functional projects at home; such as teapots, vases, dinner plates, and more.  This handbook shares pottery tips that help you select and prepare clay, construct slab projects, throw and center clay on the wheel, experiment with glazes, fire your project to perfection, and much more.  This is the perfect guide for all levels to enjoy and master the art of pottery.