Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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Full title:  Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: Make Your Own Pizza Oven, Create the Perfect Pizza
By John Pellicano

The arrival of the wood fired-pizza oven into suburban backyards and kitchens has opened up a new world for pizza lovers and those who appreciate delicious home-cooked food.  Chef and food lecturer John Pellicano takes you through the steps of building a wood-fired pizza oven of your own, sharing the secrets to cooking delicious pizza and other easy-to-make meals.  This book will make a gourmet chef of even the most inexperienced pizza lover.  It also features other dishes that can be successfully cooked in a wood-fired oven including, bread, roast dinners, lamb racks, chicken drumsticks, beef ribs, and fish-maximizing your wood-fired pizza oven experience.