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Which clay is right for you?

It can be overwhelming to choose from the 30-plus types of wet clays we carry. First, find the firing range in cones you plan to fire your work.

  • Low-Fire is around cone 06 to 02
  • Mid-Fire is around cone 5 to 6
  • High-Fire is around cone 7 and above

Search for the clays in the above drop-down Menu within that range - Earthenware (lower), Mid-Fire, or High-Fire.

Then choose a color, white/light or darker.

New Arrivals

Tools and Equipment

CoreLite Shelves

CoreLite Shelves are made of a high thermal shock resistant material based... 

Glazing Tools

Tools to help you apply or make your own glazes:  glaze applicators,... 

Self-Supporting Cones

Self-Supporting Cones

  Pyrometric Cones are used as witness cones to monitor ceramic firing in... 

  • Cricket and Log Sculpture

    Carol Gentithes

  • Vase

    Ben Owen

  • Hand Sculpture

    Mary Kay Botkin

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