Two open egg cartons showing off-white to dark red eggs made of Highwater Clays house-blend clays:  Orangestone, Stan's Red, Helios, Lyman Red, and Hestia. Also shows above clays under cartons and Highwater Clays website.
Twin corn cobs with real green husks and cobs of corn made of Highwater Clays house blend clay Helios.  "Non-GMO" label under cobs and "made of Helios" with Highwater Clays website.
Two 6-lipstick sets side by side. Black lipstick containers hold lipsticks in various tan to red colors made of Phoenix, Orangestone, and Stan's Red clays. Pink stripe with "Cruelty-Free" and website address under lipsticks sets.
"Gluten-Free" cupcakes in dark pink and blue cupcake holders with white frosting made of Helios and red-brown cupcakes made of Stan's Red. Under them shows Gluten-Free and Highwater Clays website address.


Lucy Hamilton

Rick Berman

Sid Luck