Brown Designer Liner

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Clay-based and heavily pigmented, the Designer Liner enables the artist to achieve crisp, non-moving line work.

Its metal writer tip allows for the ultimate control to draw ultra-fine or bold lines, dots, letters, and intricate illustration.  Can also be applied with a brush to create watercolor or ink wash effects.

Cone 06 to 6.

Images shown were fired to Cone 06 and Cone 6 (top to bottom).


  • To ensure sharpness and quality of lines drawn, use a non-moving translucent or clear glaze over the top of the Designer Liner.
  • Lines drawn wil fire to a matte finish without a glaze applied over the top.

Food Safe.  Dinnerware safe with clear glaze over the top.

37 ml/1.25 fluid oz. squeeze bottle with writing tip.