Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques

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Edited by Anderson Turner

One of the most remarkable things about clay is that you can make most anything from it, and in Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques dozens of clay artists prove this over and over.  You'll discover some practical projects like Steve Davis-Rosenbaum's unique Chip and Dip server and Dannon Rhudy's Juicer to the more esoteric Pancaker of Keith Phillips and the exotic Condiment Server from Gwendolyn Yoppolo.

Beyond simple cylinder and slab construction, these projects get into combinations of techniques-adding textures, cutting darts, extruding forms, faceting, assembling multiple parts, and more.  Techniques that will make your work stand out.  For the intermediate potter looking for the next challenge and the advanced clay artist seeking inspiration, these projects run the gamut of possibilities.