Christmas Red (Pint)

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Spectrum's 700 Series Opaque Gloss Glazes come in a variety of rich opaque colors. These glazes do not bleed together very much, so they can usually be butted against each other without the colors running.

Lead-free, dinnerware safe, and A/P non-toxic when fired to recommended temperatures.

Tips for Application:

  • Brush 2-3 coat for opaque coverage. 
  • For more even coverage, alternate the direction of brush strokes by 90º between coats; e.g. First brush up and down the piece, next coat brush side to side.
  • Apply to Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 05.

Cone 06/04

One Pint (16 oz.)

NOTE:  Do not use Spectrum's 700 Series glazes with Spectrum's 900 Series glazes on the same piece. Due to significantly different expansion rates, this combination can cause pots to crack.