Contemporary Ceramic Formulas

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Full title:  Contemporary Ceramic Formulas, Featuring Formulas for Today's Needs
By John W. Conrad

Contemporary Ceramic Formulas offers the formulas most in demand by ceramists today—formulas requiring less energy and less expensive materials plus the unique crystal glazes.  Mr. Conrad has chosen the best from over a thousand formulas he has tested, re-tested, and analyzed.  Among the formulas featured are those for new clay compounds, vibrant color glazes, raw stains, and crystal glazes.  Preparation methods are presented in a concise, clear style and illustrated with how-to drawing and photographs.  And, in an age of soaring fuel costs, this book is the first to focus on money-saving formulas that use low-temperature firing.

Detailed discussion of clay- and glaze-testing techniques and formula adjustments are given.  The section on crystal and crystalline glazes covers everything ceramists have traditionally needed to know as well as much information previously unavailable in print.  Included is a wealth of detail about the techniques used in throwing bottle forms, making various types of catch basins, applying and mixing glazes, stacking the kiln, firing, re-firing, controlling the kilns temperature, and creating crystal colors.