Contemporary Tableware

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By Linda Bloomfield

Tableware has occupied a special place in our kitchens and dining rooms for thousands of years and continues to enchant us today.  Ranging from the purely functional to the fine and delicate, the evolution of domestic pots tells us much about our changing tastes and habits and the wider art and cultural movements that have influenced their decoration and forms.  In Contemporary Tableware, maker Linda Bloomfield looks at the history of the pots on our tables, from Sung Chinese and Medieval English ware to the revival of studio pottery and the influence of Scandinavian, American, and Japanese design.  She goes on to examine common forms in contemporary tableware, including teapots, bowls, cups, jugs and plates, and to explain the elements of form, function and beauty in each.  Lavishly illustrated with examples from contemporary studio pottery and industry, as well as making images from working potters, this book is the essential guide to modern tableware for potters, designers and buyers.