Copper Adventurine (Pint)

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Copper Adventurine is one of the Elements™ glazes, which produce lush, organic, and earthy hues and simulate the look of mid-range glazes in a low-fire range. These two-toned glazes has a main color and a secondary color called a float.  When applied to detail pieces, the float color will appear in the crevices.  Application and firing will also influence the outcome of main color or float.

Cone 06/05.

Cone 06:  Glossy, metallic dark brown and copper with yellow specks.

Cone 6:  Sparkly black that breaks over texture and pools brown/red.  Enhanced mobility. Surface issues may occur.

NOT dinnerware safe.  They are recommended for ornamental use only when applied to low fire earthenware clay bodies.

Pint (16 oz.)