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Fire detailed text, handwriting, illustrations or photographs onto your work easily with the Fired-On Transfer Paper!

  • Works on multiple surfaces including earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, commercial ware, and fusible glass.
  • Perfect for any size image. 
  • Laboratory-tested food safe when fired onto a food-safe glaze.
  • Instructions comes with a chart listing the specific firing temperatures.
  • Ideal for contemporary studios, schools, potters, and home hobbyists.

All you need is the Transfer Paper, any Canon or HP Black Only LASER printer, and access to a kiln.

*NOTE: As of 2019 a few of HP’s new black-only laser printers do not contain the necessary iron oxide to work with this process. CLICK HERE to check your HP toner ingredients. It should say Iron Oxide or Ferrite in order to work. Canon Black-Only laser printers all still work!

The companion book, Fired On Images (BK-FOI), is a great resource filled with project ideas, step-by-step illustrated instructions, full-colored pictures, and helpful illustrations and tips.

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Pack includes 10 sheets of special transfer paper (sized 8 ½” x11″) with detailed instructions.