Econocast 30

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Econocast™ 30 is a high alumina, mullite-based, conventional gunning castable with low iron content for pneumatic placement.  It is used in general purpose applications where high strength and thermal shock resistance are required and exhibits low rebound and quick set.


Max. Recommended Use Temperature 3000°F
Material Required 137-141 pcf
Water Required 10%
Thermal Conductivity (Btu in/h ft² ºF)

7.1 at 1500ºF

7.2 at 1000ºF

Sold in 55-pound bags ONLY.

Price listed is per pound.  Please enter/type in Quantity in multiples of 55 lbs.  Examples:  55 for 1 bag, 110 for 2 bags, 165 for 3 bags, and so on.