From Mud to Music

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Full Title:  From Mud to Music:  Making and Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments
By Barry Hall

This book is about a truly remarkable transformation: how the simplest of materials—clay or mud—can be used to make tools for producing one of the most complex human expressions—music.

With a history reaching back to ancient times, creating ceramic musical instruments is a vibrant pursuit for many innovative artists today.  This book explores the vast array of ceramic musical instruments, from their historical traditions in world cultures to their modern variations and innovations.

All instrument families are represented: percussion, winds, strings, and even unique hybrids.  For each type of instrument, special construction techniques specific to clay are explained.  In addition, there's a chapter providing detailed, step-by-step instructions showing how to build several ceramic instruments.

Hundreds of color photos present the work of artists from around the world spanning the last three millennia, from ancient Peruvian water whistles and Mesopotamian rattles to contemporary seven-chambered ocarinas and ceramic bagpipes.  In-depth profiles explore a number of today's artists, their work, and their inspirations.

The companion audio CD contains 43 diverse tracks of ceramic instrumental music ranging from the refined melodic strains of Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky to the earthy, primal wailings of bizarre pre-Columbian wind instruments.

Whether you are a musician, ceramist, or just a fan of art and music, you are invited to embark on an incredible journey . . . from mud to music!