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A highly versatile product which can be used as a majolica color on top of a white base glaze, as an underglaze color underneath a clear glaze, or as a glaze on its own.

For majolica technique:  First apply 2 or 3 coats of a base white glaze (GL-799) over the entire piece. After the white glaze has thoroughly dried, decorate with the majolica colors. One coat gives you the traditional majolica look, in which some of the base white shows through the color. For opaque coverage, 2 coats of color is required.

For use as an underglaze:  Use 1 coat – semi-transparent, 2 coats - semi-opaque, 3 coats- opaque.  Then cover the entire piece with clear glaze (i.e. 700 Clear for cone 06/04 firings or 1100 Clear for cone 4/6 firings).

As a glaze on its own over a wide temperature range from cone 06 to cone 6:  It will fully vitrify at cone 06, but the surface will not be quite as shiny as Spectrum's 700 series glazes. At cone 6 most of the colors will show little color change, except the pinks and purples, which are not quite as temperature stable. Using a zinc-free clear glaze will improve results at stoneware temperatures.

All of the majolica colors are lead-free, dinnerware safe and A/P non-toxic.

Price is per 4-ounce bottle.