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One of the hardest and strongest of all gypsum cements, Hydrostone is recommended for producing high-quality novelty and statuary castings requiring extremely hard surfaces.  This product is self-leveling when poured and not suitable for hollow cast applications.  Hydrostone must be mechanically mixed for best results.


  • Hard and strong with high water absorption resistance.
  • Works well in plaster and most flexible moulding compounds.
  • Used in high-quality art novelty and statuary castings.
  • Extremely fine detail duplication.
  • Low viscosity slurry for filling multiple molds at one time.

Use potable water at temperatures between 70 and 100°F (21 and 38°C).  Since variations in slurry (Hydrostone Gypsum Cement and water mixture) temperature produce variations in setting time, it is important to keep both Hydrostone Gypsum Cement and water in a stable temperature environment prior to use.  The higher the temperature of the slurry, the shorter the set time.  Follow the manufacturer's directions and specifications for best results.

Sold in 50-pound bags.  Price listed is per pound.

Quantity discounts apply (see table below).

Quantity Discount
500 lb. -15%
1000 lb. -20%
2000 lb. -25%
6000 lb. -28%

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Sold in 50-pound bags. Price listed is per pound.

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