Light Magma (Pint)

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One of the Stoneware Specialty glazes which was developed to create a rough, cratered surface. The thicker the application, the more textured the surface will be. Magma can be directly applied to bisqueware or in combination with other mid-range glazes.

Cone 5/6 to 10.

General Appearance

Cone 6:  Light Magma is a sand-colored, high-texture glaze that creates a rough, cratered surface.

Cone 10:  Texture slightly flattens. Color changes to a cream/gray.


  • The amount of dimension and cratering created with these glazes is directly a result of how thick the glaze is applied.
  • A thinner application will produce a less dimensional surface with minimal cratering. It will have more of a sandpaper feel.
  • A thicker application will produce a more dimensional and cratered surface.
  • Always test prior to use.

Certified as AP Non-Toxic when used according to manufacturer's directions, but NOT Dinnerware Safe due to the durability of the fired glaze.  Recommended for ornamental use only.

One Pint (16 oz.)