Manganese Wash (4 oz.)

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One of the Stoneware Washes, a multi-purpose product with limitless possibilities. Primarily used painted into textured areas and wiped away on the higher surface to accentuate the texture, Washes work great for stenciling, stamping and silkscreening as it is a very stable product.

Washes can be used alone or with any glaze from low fire (cone 06/05), mid-range (cone 5/6), and up to high-fire (cone 10).

Cone 5/6 (chip shown) to cone 10.

General Appearance of Manganese Wash

Cone 6:  Manganese Wash fires to a warm metallic finish that breaks brown over texture.

Cone 10:  No change.


  • Works great when applied with a brush around the rim of a piece, or applied with a glaze trailer in a pattern.
  • When used in combination, Manganese Wash will add some brown variation and movement to the glaze(s).
  • We recommend only applying Manganese Wash to the top 2/3 of a piece when layering with other glazes because of the movement produced when layering.
  • Manganese Wash also works great as a body stain. Applying clear glaze can lessen the appearance of staining.
  • Always test prior to use.

Dinnerware Safe With Clear Glaze.

Price is per 4-ounce bottle.