Off the Shelf, Outside the Box

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Full title:  Off the Shelf, Outside the Box:  A Guide to Experimenting with Commercial Clays, Glazes, & Underglazes
By Deanna Ranlett

Off the Shelf, Outside the Box explores the nuances of commercial clays, glazes, underglazes, and more, as well as the variety of results that can be achieved with these products.  In the past, commercial products carried a stigma in the ceramics field that they were only for use by hobbyists, at schools, and at community art centers.  Now, in these fast-paced times, artists of all levels are embracing the versatility, convenience, and ease of commercially prepared products.  Deanna Ranlett shares her experiences of working with commercial products in new and unexpected ways, and encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and put these products to the test!