OM4 Ball Clay Terra Sigillata (Pint)

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Terra Sigillata (or Terra Sig), meaning "earth seal," is a slip containing very fine particles created by a process of separation. Selected clays are ground using a ball mill and water until the particles become extremely small, and then deflocculant is added. The mixture is allowed to settle for up to 48 hours. The fluid left on top after settling is the terra sig. Longer settling will yield a finer, higher quality product.  

Creating a wide range of effects:

  • Used alone, the OM4 Ball Clay terra sig is a beautiful satiny white.
  • Add colorants-between 3 and 10%-to create a variety of colors. For example, use 1/2 or 1 full standard Mason sample pack per pint of Terra Sig. 
  • Intermix the white terra sig with the red and the tan terra sigs to produce different tones.

Application and Firing:

  • Can be applied by spraying, dipping, or brushing. 
  • It works best if applied to bone dry greenware.
  • Apply several coats and burnish or simply polish with your hands or a soft cloth when damp/dry to the touch. Polish between coats for the glossiest surfaces.
  • Can be fired to any temperature, but the polished surface will start to break down when fired over cone 04.
  • Use as a slip/engobe up to cone 10 and above.


Pint (16 oz.)