OVENZZ LW Cast (Lightweight Insulating Castable Refractory)

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OVENZZ LW Cast™ is a lightweight, insulating castable refractory with extraordinary strength and excellent insulating properties.  Suitable for casting shapes, pouring place, and filling large cracks and holes.  This refractory provides a more thermal-efficient solution than dense products.  It's made with GREENLITE® aggregate, a higher-strength insulating product.

Food contact safe as certified by NSF International.  2500° F max.

Sold in 55 lb. Bags ONLY.

Price listed is per pound.  Please enter/type in Quantity in multiples of 55 lbs.  e.g. 55 for 1 bag, 110 for 2 bags, 165 for 3 bags, and so on.