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All colors in the AMACO Velvet Series are AP NON-TOXIC.

AMACO Velvet semi-translucent underglazes are very versatile. When left unglazed, they have the appearance of velour or velvet. They will assume a soft, satin-matte finish when glazed with AMACO Transparent Matte glaze, and will intensify in color when covered with an AMACO Clear Transparent Gloss glaze.

Apply Velvet Underglazes to greenware (before bisque) when making intricate or elaborate designs. The design will be set after bisque and will not smear when a clear glaze is applied on top.  Underglazes can be applied to leather hard, bone dry, and bisque ware pots.

If AMACO Velvets are used for food or drink, they must be covered by a dinnerware-safe clear glaze and fired properly.

All Velvets are safe for spray application.

Please note that the color samples shown may vary from actual colors. Every effort was made to make them as accurate as possible.  However, due to many factors including individual monitor settings, these examples should only be used as a reference point.

Price is per two-ounce bottle.