Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques

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By Frank Hamer and Janet Hamer

Now available in its Sixth Edition, The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques presents a comprehensive survey of all aspects of making ceramics for craft potters and ceramic artists.  With its sound, practical explanations of ceramic processes, this indispensable reference book has gained a reputation as "the potter's bible."  Professional potters, beginners, students, and collectors will find authoritative information clearly and logically presented.

Frank and Janet Hamer explain the sources and character of materials, the behavior of clays and glaze minerals during forming and firing processes, forming methods, and glaze construction.  In addition to brief outlines and detailed articles with cross references to illustrations, color photographs illustrate glaze effects and surfaces featured in the work of inventive, contemporary potters.  The varied techniques of Raku, maiolica, crystalline glazes, salt and soda, stoneware, and porcelain are also presented in a new color section.

This new edition has been updated to include auto-reduction, crystalline glazes, insulation, stains, and specialized firing and fuming techniques.  With upwards of 800 illustrations to clarify everything in the ceramic world, in its Sixth Edition The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques will continue to serve as the authority on all things ceramic.

Sixth Edition.