Pottery Tap and Die Set 4-Inch

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This is a 3D printed tap and die set intended for use with pottery. When used correctly, you are able to cut male and female threads in clay jugs, jars, etc., which allows you to make sealable containers.

The tap features a tapered cut, while the die is a straight cut. This allows for a tight seal when screwed together. The end of the tap handle is tapered and exactly 1” depth so that you may use it to form the cap or throat which you intend to thread.

Set Includes:

  • One 4tpi tap
  • One 4tpi die
  • One "Shaper tool"
  • One 3D-printed post that helps guide the tap perpendicular to the working surface.


Instructional video: Clay Tap and Die Instructional Video

The Die Set comes in black or white. The product image is property of Highwater Clays, Inc.  Copying, sharing, and distribution of the images are not permitted.  All rights reserved.