Profile Rib Bowl Making Bob

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Throw matching sets of bowls with this 7-tools-in-one rib!

WiziWig Profile Ribs are made of 18 gauge, high quality stainless steel. These rigid profile ribs are pressed into the outside cylinder of wheel-thrown clay to help create consistent and appealing shapes, which then can be altered to the artist's individual style. They are great for making sets!

Each rib comes with two profiles with foot detail.  The teeth at the bottom help shape and smooth rims.  Depending on the throwing techniques and the amount of clay, you can make thinner or wider forms than recommended.

This rib makes a 16-ounce bowl with approximately 1-1/2 pounds of clay.

Dimensions:    Rib approx. 3-3/4" height x 3-3/4" width