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The Pure & Simple Quick-Relase system allows you to make your own plaster bats simply and economically!  The wheel head attachment quickly centers and secures your bat perfectly every time.  Your bats won't wobble or warp!

This tongue-and groove locking system achieves a superior, locking bat using two disks:

  • The smaller disk mounts on the wheel head. *It fits all wheel heads.
  • The larger disk is used with the mold when casting.

Tips for Application:

  • Mix plaster and water together according to our formulas.
  • Pour the plaster into the Pure & Simple mold.
  • Seat the larger disk into the back of the mold to make the concave triangular impression in the back of the bat.
  • Simply drop the bat over the matching smaller disk mounted on the wheel head.


  • 1/2" x 12" Smaller Disk
  • 1/2" x 14" Larger Disk