Mini Roller Handle

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Mini Roller Handle makes the rollers easy to use. It assists the roller to create clear and distinct designs exactly where you want them. To use the roller handle, simply pull apart the head of the handle so the metal bar becomes detached from one side. Then slide a roller on and close the head of the handle again. When using a roller with the roller handle, the head of the handle will stay closed and secure around your roller. Roll across clay to create straight lines, curvy lines, and so much more!

The Mini Roller Handle is designed to fit the Mini Rollers (MKM-MRL and MKM-MRS). One roller handle can be used with all the different MRL and MRS rollers!

HOW TO CLEAN:  Mini Roller Handles are made from hard wood. To clean the roller handle, simply use a little bit of water and a cloth to wash off any excess clay that might get on the roller.