Rose (4 oz.)

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A highly versatile glaze which can fire from low temperatures, Cone 06/04, to the mid-ranges, Cone 4/6.

This glaze can be used in different ways:

  • As a majolica color:  Apply on top of a white base.  For example, GL-799.
  • As an underglaze:  Below a clear glaze.  For example: under GL-700 for cone 06/04 firings, or GL-1100 for Cone 4/6 firings.
  • As a glaze on its own to create a semi-gloss finish with 2-3 coats.

NOTE:  The Majolica glazes shown are fired at Cone 05 and are representative of the range at low temperature, but they can be fired up to mid-range, Cone 4/6, with similar results.  The major differences will be in the hues of the pinks and purples.

Spectrum's Majolica glazes are all lead-free, dinnerware safe, and A/P non-toxic.

Price is per 4-ounce bottle.