Self-Supporting Cones (5)

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Pyrometric Cones are essential witness cones to monitor ceramic firing in kilns for  consistent, repeatable firing temperature.  They are made of specifically formulated compositions, including many of the same ingredients as ceramic products.  Each cone is designated a number (for example, cone 04), and each cone number measures a fairly small range of firing temperature.

Self-Supporting Cones are recommended by manufacturers of clay, slips, decals and colors to verify fired results in kiln shelf.  Since the correct height and angle are built into the cone base, they are ready for use without mounting.

To determine the best maturing temperature for your ware, we recommend that you use three cones for firing:  one cone for the desired maturing temperature, one cone right below that temperature, and one cone right above it.

This is Cone 5.

Twenty-five cones per box.  Each cone approximately 2.5" tall.