Shrink Ruler Set

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The Shrink Ruler Set includes three plastic rulers that help potters measure clay shrinkage. They're indispensible tools for obtaining exact matches for projects such as lids for teapots.  Each ruler shows measurements for two shrinkage rates:  10% and 11%; 12% and 13%; 14% and 15%.

How to use the Shrink Ruler:

  1. Measure the dimension of the finished piece you want using a standard inch ruler.
  2. Using the side of the Shrink Ruler which shows the shrinkage rate of your clay, find the measurement of the wet clay that corresponds to the dimension of the finished piece in Step 1.
  3. Mark that dimension found in Step 2 on your wet clay piece, or form the wet clay piece to that dimension.
  4. After the clay piece is fired, it will shrink to the correct size.

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