Skutt Kiln - KM1227 240V 1PH

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Skutt 240 Volt, single-phase.

This is the perfect automatic electric kiln for high production, with nearly 10 cubic feet of loading capacity. For those who fire the same program for many loads, you need simply to load and start one of your six stored programs, and go back to work on your next batch. The KilnMaster will handle all the firing details with truly superhuman precision, ensuring that you will get superb consistency, load after load.

If your 1227 is fitted with a Skutt EnviroVent2, you can plug all the peepholes, program a Delay to start your firing at night, and be there for shut-off and unloading the next morning. You get more sleep, and much more production.

Chamber Size

  • 28.13" x 27" Depth
  • 9.9 cubic feet

Electrical Requirements

  • 240 Volts 48 Amps 11152 Watts
  • Copper Wire Size: 6
  • Breaker Size: 60
  • NEMA Receptacle Configuration: 6-50

Shipping Weight:   400 lbs.

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