Skutt Kiln - KMT1027 208V 1PH

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Skutt 208 Volt Single Phase with Touchscreen

The KMT1027 has everything most potters need in a kiln. The chamber size is tall enough to fire a 23" tall pot and wide enough to hold a 21" platter. It comes standard with the smartest controller on the market (it will even calculate your cost of firing) and has a lid lifter to boot!

NEW KilnMaster Touchscreen with Built-in WiFi.

Chamber Size

  • 23" opening, 27" deep
  • 7 cubic ft.

Electrical Requirements

  • 208 Volts 48 Amps 9984 Watts
  • Copper Wire Size: 6
  • NEMA Receptacle Configuration: 6-50

Shipping Weight:   290 lbs.

Special Order item - Prepayment required.