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Small Cones are commonly used in the Kiln-Sitter®. Their tapered shape allows some flexibility to adjust shut-off when the user places the thinner or thicker portion of the cone under the sensing rod.

Small Cones can also be used as miniature witness cones on a kiln shelf where space is limited under these requirements:

  • They need to be mounted at an 8-degree angle in cone holders or plaques.
  • A length of 15/16-inch of a cone needs to be exposed above the cone holder.
  • NOTE:  They deform at about 9°F after Large or Self-Supporting Cones of the same number.

To determine the best maturing temperature for your ware, we recommend using three cones for firing: One cone for the desired maturing temperature, one cone right below the temperature, and one cone right above the temperature.


Fifty cones per box.  Each cone approximately 1-inch tall.

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