Square Masonite Bat (9")

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Made from wood fibers and tempered with a thin spray of linseed oil, with no added formaldehyde or harsh chemicals.  These bats are the "work horse" of the pottery studio. When properly cared for, these bats offer years of service at a very affordable price.  They are slightly absorbant, offer good clay adhesion, and their nominal 1/4" thickness makes them compact to store.

Each bat has 10" on center holes for standard 3/8" bat pins.  One hole is oval to accommodate small variations in pin spacing.

Adjusting Hole Sizes

Bat pins frequently vary in their diameter.  The slots and holes on these bats are cut to fit snugly. If they are too tight on a particular set of pins, they should be loosened after a couple of placements and removals of the bats.  Alternatively, you can roll up a small scrap of sandpaper and pass it through the holes one or twice.

Bat Care

Bats should be cleaned and stacked or stored vertically on a bat rack after use.  Do not soak wood bats of any kind.  Pots should be wire-cut from the bats after throwing and removed when they are leather hard.  The remaining pad of clay should be scraped off before storing the bats.  Occasional sponge cleaning is fine.

Dimensions:     Square Bat 9" long/wide x 1/4" thick

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