Tile Cutter Sleeve 2"

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Cutting soft clay slabs into tiles, rectangles, or strips is so easy with Clay Tile Cutters. The 2" wide cutter is 4" wide, but includes a center blade that makes continuous double rows each 2" wide. The Clay Tile Cutters are made of a durable plastic and are safe for all ages.

After creating slabs of soft clay to a thickness of 1/2", roll the cutter into the clay to the desired length. Roll again in a criss-cross pattern to cut tiles or rectangles.

1. Roll out slab of clay no thicker than 1/2".
2. Spray cutter lightly with non-stick cooking oil spray to avoid the possibility of clay sticking to it while rolling.
3. To create nice "rounded" edges while cutting, lay thin plastic wrap on top of clay slab before cutting (no cooking oil spray needed).

Roller Handles are sold separately (see AM-TRH).