Tombo Dragonfly Gauge 7 Piece Set

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The "Tombo" is a diameter and depth gauge for bowls, cups, and plates.  This tool is especially useful when the potter needs to make numerous sets of different shapes.  In this situation, the potter makes a separate set of Tombo for each shape.

The "Tombo" assembly includes:

  • One Takebera (top horizontal piece in image) approx. 9-1/4" long
  • Three drilled shafts (vertical piece in image) placed inside vessel: 4", 7", and 9-1/2" long
  • Three sticks of varying lengths (diagonal piece in image) placed across rim of vessel


  1. Put a bit of wet clay or use rubber band to tighten the dowel cross piece if it is too loose.
  2. Invert the Tombo with the Takebera, and use the sharp tip of the Takebera to trim the rims.