Weathered Blue (Pint)

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Stoneware matte glazes range from solid shades to those that create interesting color variations as they move and break. Application thickness is the key to making mattes work for you.

Cone 5/6 to cone 10.

General Appearance of Weathered Blue

Cone 6:  Weathered Blue is designed to produce a blue to white variegation depending on application. One coat will produce a sky blue matte finish with little white variegation. Subsequent coats build a white variegation, muting the sky blue.

Cone 10:  Off-white variation darkens.


  • Thinned coats produce a sky blue satin finish. Thick applications will increase white variegation.
  • Brush stroke application is visible in finished results.  Apply coats on bisque in different directions (crosshatch).
  • Although finish appears opaque, surface decoration can be easily seen through glaze.
  • Always test prior to use.

Dinnerware Safe.

One Pint (16 oz.)