White Cobblestone (Pint)

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Cobblestones create a textured "cobbled" surface when fired. Apply over another glaze and during the firing process, a shattered pattern of raised, irregular chips will emerge. The underlying glaze will appear in the cracks.

Tips for Application:

  • Shake for 5-6 seconds before use.
  • Dispense glaze onto a palette and apply 2 coats with a broad, soft brush.
  • Apply the second coat while the first coat is still damp: do not allow Cobblestone to dry between coats.
  • Pattern break-up is determined by the application direction of the brush stroke. For large break up use heavier application.  For small breakup, lighter application.
  • If application is too light the cobblestone will not break up. Reapplying and touching up will not achieve a break up.
  • Fire to shelf cone 06 or higher.

Certified AP on-Toxic and Food safe; however, Cobblestones are not recommended for food surfaces due to surface characteristics.

Fires to shelf cone 06.

Pint (16 oz.)